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Is President Trump a financial genius?

1. He has reduced taxes for all working Americans meaning more take home pay to spend on our needs and wants.
2. He has reduced or eliminated government red tape and costs on small businesses at the federal level helping them to be successful.

3. He has spent more money on our military which strengthens our standing around the world. In concert with that, he has improved our Veterans health care. Thousands of poor performing health care workers have been let go to improve service.   Vets are also now allowed to be treated at local facilities, hospitals, rather than traveling many miles for help. 

These are wins for Americans.

Centralized Government Control

Joe Biden and Gwen Moore believe that government is the solution to our economic and social problems.   Answers must come from the top.   They must believe in government efficiency.   Is that an oxymoron?   When a business makes mistakes and doesn't meet their customers' needs, they go out of business.   A good example was Bon Ton, the parent to Boston Store.   Top level management made mistakes and now the stores don't exist.   Compare that to former Milwaukee county executive, Tom Ament and his people on the county board who made high level financial mistakes.   We county citizens and taxpayers are still paying 20 years later through higher taxes and fewer services.   Was this corruption or simply bad management?   Who suffers?    We must be careful who we elect for office.   Government can help solve our problems, but only with the right representatives.

School Choice

Was looking at the high school football scores in today's paper and noticed only suburban and religious schools were playing.   Oh! That's right, MPS has cancelled all sports activities.   Again MPS students are losing out.  What can these students do with their youthful energy?   Get into trouble?   Thank you MPS teachers union and Democratic leaders.   Also noticed that MPS's enrollment is down by over 3,000 students which means fewer dollars for MPS.   I support Choice Schools and how they educate the entire child and others must agree with me.

Term Limits

Joe Biden has been in government positions for 47 years.   Gwen Moore has been a state legislator from 1989 - 2005 and a US Representative from 2005-2020 for a total of 32 years.   Her website tells us of all the wonderful committees that she was on.   Maybe she should get participation awards.   Both Joe and Gwen are big talkers, but what have they accomplished for Milwaukee?   Milwaukee Public Schools have been a failure for most students for decades.  Look at reading scores.   Milwaukee's murder rate increase is the highest in the nation for cities of comparable size at this writing.   Drugs and gang activity are creating havoc around the city.   50 people have already died of traffic accidents in 2020.   Many people are living in poverty.   Where are her successes?   In the sports world, athletes either perform or they are gone.   Talking doesn't do it.   No amount of talking helps when action is needed.   Also just throwing money at a problem is no solution.   We need positive Action not just Talk.

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