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We need to dissect the school budget to understand where the money is being spent. The Milwaukee School District is one of the worst school districts in the nation, even though they have one of the largest education budgets in the country. There are several ways to prevent poverty. One is through education. Urban schools throughout the country, including Milwaukee Public Schools, have failed our students for decades. Many students are graduating without being literate in reading and math. I support School Choice and School Voucher programs. In many urban districts, these programs have proven to be the best option to let students reach their full potential. We must not let school districts spend excessive amounts of money on educational methods that have been proven to fail urban communities. We must not let any more of our children graduate without the basic reading and math skills that School Choice schools consistently provide. 


The current criminal justice system does not work for our district and is failing our nation. We need a criminal justice system that punishes actual criminals, while protecting families, especially in urban areas. I support harsh punishment for violent criminals and those who disregard public safety and our nation’s future. While I support strict sentences for extreme crimes, I also believe that once a citizen has served their time, their rights need to be immediately and fully restored. Once a sentence is complete, in order to properly reintegrate into society, rights need to be automatically reinstated. We need to transform the justice system and restore faith in an institution that was initially designed to protect us, not harm us.  


One of my first priorities is to declare a clean water emergency for the areas of our country that need it the most. Milwaukee is on a long list of cities across our country that have crumbling infrastructure. Water is an essential key nutrient for the human body. This crisis is jeopardizing our access to clean water and posing a substantial risk to our health and the health of our families. Politicians have talked about this issue for years, while our infrastructure continues to crumble. We have the technology to easily replace pipes that risk our children's health and future. We need to act now to prevent this crisis from worsening. Our government has failed to fix the problem, and I intend to take action.


As families struggle to pay their grocery bills, rent, gas, etc., Democrats continue to steepen and multiply taxes. We need less government spending. I, Tim Rogers, want to let taxpayers keep more of their money. You’ve earned it, and I want you to keep it. The government has not earned the right to spend so much of your hard-earned money. The current status quo promotes spending outside the limits of the Constitution. It is unconstitutional to spend money on public schools. If elected, I will work to destroy the progressive tax system. Interstate Commerce enforcement should not be conducted inside of state boundaries, only when commerce actually moves between states. We need to let government agencies and programs decrease in size via attrition with retirements. 

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