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About Tim

Milwaukee is where I was born and raised, where I work, and have a family. I am proud to live in the 4th District. In recent years, my fellow citizens and I have seen critical components of our community start to decay. I have witnessed a deteriorating education system, where test scores and graduation rates have declined. I have seen a criminal justice system lacking transparency leading to unfair outcomes. I have seen the issue of aging lead laterals be ignored, risking the health of families across the district. I have seen taxation without proper representation. I will stand up for the people of the district and give them the representation that has been lacking for far too long. I will restore the quality of life in the neighborhoods and always remember who I represent while in Washington. 

Tim's Story

I graduated from North Division High School in 1978 and went on to study at UW-Parkside and MATC. My Education helped lay the foundation for the rest of my life. Without a good education, I would not have had the basic skills to  pursue employment and provide for my family.

Like many of the citizens of the 4th District, I felt that the criminal justice system did not provide a just outcome. I believe it is important for all citizens to be able to have faith in the systems that were intended to protect us. I want to change the justice system into a system that protects all people equally, instead of one that distributes justice unevenly. 

My father and uncle owned Rogers and Rogers Soul Brothers Supermarket, a grocery store in Milwaukee, where I learned the value of hard work and what businesses mean to the community. Having many small businesses in the community helps build and nourish the neighborhood. These days, I see urban areas across the country struggling with poor quality drinking water. We can no longer afford to just talk about this issue, we need action now to end this crisis. Tim Rogers is the kind of congressmen we need in Washington. 

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I am running for political office not to complain about the situation, but to get involved and make the changes needed. Running for political office is not how I normally spend my free time. I have worked for almost 30 years delivering gift baskets and newspapers for two local businesses. Outside of work, I spend my time volunteering in my community and participating in the All Saints Catholic Choir and MPS Alumni Choir. 



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