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Meet Tim

Milwaukee is where I was born and raised, where I work, and have a family.


I graduated from North Division High School in 1978 and went on to study at UW-Parkside and MATC. My father and uncle owned Rogers and Rogers Soul Brothers Supermarket, a grocery store on the north side.


"It was during a time when running a business meant serving the community and helping your neighbors. They taught me the importance of small business and how to help my community." - Tim Rogers 

Running for political office is not how I normally spend my free time. I have worked for almost 30 years delivering gift baskets and newspapers for two local businesses. Outside of work, I spend my time volunteering in my community and participating in the All Saints Catholic Choir and MPS Alumni Choir. 

"We Deserve Better."

Milwaukee deserves a Congressman that puts people before politics.

- Tim Rogers 

Candidate for Milwaukee's 4th Congressional District.

More Quality Jobs

Our community needs real jobs with a livable wage. Thanks to the booming economy, many have been able to find work. However, many are still working multiple jobs trying to provide food for their families. I will focus on bringing development and economic growth to our neighborhoods. 

Clean Water

One of my first priorities is to declare a clean water emergency. Our city has crumbling infrastructure and it is jeopardizing our access to clean water and hurting our environment.

Reduce Poverty

Congress is broken. They are focusing on playing politics while we have homeless people in the streets and families struggling to make a living. My focus will be on providing opportunities and innovative solutions to assist the poor. 

Pro-Life & Pro-Family

I am prolife and passionate about developing strong families and strong communities.

Healthcare Reform

Our healthcare system is broken. Health insurance prices are sky-rocking, families don't have access to quality healthcare, and we face a mental health crisis. Let's put aside the partisan politics and focus on finding solutions.

Improve Education

Milwaukee needs to rebuild and invest in our schools. Parents deserve to put their children in schools that they choose. Teachers deserve to receive proper pay and have the resources that they need to teach. 

Show Your Support

We need your help to get our message out. Come join us at our next event, help us knock doors, or talk to your friends about our message. 

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Host a House Party

We want to meet everyone in our community, hear your thoughts on the issues, and learn about what's important to you. Invite us to your home or a local spot to meet with your friends and neighbors so that we can listen and discover solutions.

Get a Yard Sign

We need your help spreading the word about our campaign. Show your support with our sign placed in your yard. 

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